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The team is very professional and well-polished. The have the process down to a science and are willing to explain the areas they want you to understand with great detail. The areas of concern that a first time home owner may not know to ask though is a different story.

Before you assume I am an idiot I can assure you that is not the case, I am highly educated and successful, so is my wife. Not that that means anything but just to put this into some sort of perspective. None the less this was our first home purchase.

So, with that said, take this advice or leave it. The team does make the process simple, they do explain the steps as they move forward, but they also are in the business of making money. I was advised to make a high offer that the seller (also represented by Long) accepted, big surprise huh? So the line of "we will respect and maintain the integrity of the community to protect your home value" is/ was absolute garbage. Long has sense sold in the neighborhood for 20% less, and no, the time difference from then to now does not reflect the percentage, they sucker-punched me.

Do not use the recommended home inspectors. At first glance, with no base of comparison, the inspector seemed proficient, he was a bum that overlooked major issues and has since cost me a significant amount of money. Does it surprise you that the things overlooked by the inspector are not covered by the home warranty and the seller would have to pay them? No. They got me again.

Don’t listen to the "I'm a veteran and help veterans" line either. If you are (a veteran) then do a little research on the individual making that statement, the reputation would be exactly what you would expect. I am not here to poor mouth an individual; I simply recommend you do your own research.

Summary: Shiny suit and comfortable chairs with a nice pen to sign with, remember what you’re signing for. The fact is 3 days after the signature you are left with your purchase and no more comfort or nice chairs; you are left with the consequences of trusting a 400 dollar suit and 100 dollar fountain pen. If you read the reviews on other pages you will see that the things I am saying are accurate and represented by the reviewers, but that was immediately after the sale. I wish the reviewers would come back a year later and make a review, like I have, so you could see that this is a very true and reoccurring theme among the team.

The snake slivers away.

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