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Horrible experience
My wife and I called to inquire about a rental property and talked to Ginger Shrev. Ms Shrev was extremely rude and refused to listen to anything we said. All we were trying to figure out is if we would be able to rent a property we had driven by and liked on the 1st day of the next month, and if they owner offered incentives for signing a long-term lease. Ms Shrev was extremely unprofessional. She refused to listen to the questions and all she would say is that there were no incentives and that they would not hold properties for anyone. After that, she could not hear anything we wanted to ask. She seemed to form the opinion immediately that we were not worth her time-- perhaps because we did not want to move in immediately (We wanted to enter a contract for the first of the month. Apparently that is way too far out for Karp Properties) we asked for incentives, and (as we would find out later) they already received a rental application earlier that day. Ms Shrev was just unbelievably rude and was trying everything she could to end the conversation without addressing any other questions we had. She was sighing audibly into the phone and told us that we could call her back if the property was available a day before we wanted to move in. She also refused to even show the house to us unless we filled out a full rental application. Who does that? We wanted to sign a long-term lease with this company (at least 18 months) and they basically spit in our faces. My wife kept trying to appease this woman, but to no effect. To top it off, we found Mr. Karp s number right here on Yahoo Homes. It showed that it was his office number. After we had been yelled at by Ginger Shreve for 10 minutes, my wife decided she wanted to leave a message for Mr. Karp that evening when we returned from running errands, saying we wanted to rent the house but didn t want to deal with Ginger. As it turns out, it was his cellphone number that he had listed as an office phone on Yahoo Homes. He called back immediately, chewing her out before hello came out of her mouth for calling his home number after working hours. He told her that she has no idea how the realty market works and that his agent was correct in everything, and had no interest in hearing her complaint on Ginger, nor our reasons for asking Ginger for clarifications for what we found to be odd policies --(not showing a house unless we submitted a rental application, only signing leases 4 days out from the contracted date, according to Robert Karp)—policies which we were not arguing, mind you, but trying to understand. You see, despite all the rules, we had fallen in love with this house from the pictures and the curb appearance . But my wife ended up in tears by the end of her conversation with Karp, and I can tell you that we tried as hard as we could to make these people happy with us – we seriously just wanted to know what they wanted us to do in order to be the new tenants of that beautiful house!

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